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Pool Operations Technician
Performs a broad range of technical pool maintenance and custodial services necessary to maintain a campus swimming pool facility in a sanitary and orderly condition.


Graduation from high school or its equivalent.


One year of full-time paid experience in the technical operation and maintenance of a swimming pool.


A valid Certified Pool/Spa Operator certification issued by the National Swimming Pool Foundation or its equivalent.


Ability to swim fifty feet. A valid American Red Cross or American Heart Association First-Aid Certificate or its equivalent is desirable.
A valid Swimming Pool Service Technician certificate issued by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health must be obtained within six months of employment.
Operates, adjusts, and maintains ozone/bromine or chlorine disinfection systems, pumps, chlorinators, heating and filtration equipment, and other mechanical equipment related to the operation of the swimming pool(s).
Makes chlorine, pH, water balance, and temperature tests of pool water.
Checks and sets the chlorinator and adds soda ash for pH control and copper sulphate for algae control as needed.
Sets up, operates, and maintains the pool vacuum cleaner.
Backwashes the filter and adds alum or diatomaceous earth.
Cleans scum gutters and hair strainers.
Hoses, scrubs, and disinfects the pool deck and diving platforms.
Cleans and fills foot baths.
Dusts, sweeps, and cleans the pool filter room, bleacher or balcony seats, locker or dressing rooms, showers, and lavatories.
Cleans and maintains grounds, athletic fields and facilities, and sidewalks.
Maintains sand filtration systems.
Maintains a daily log of water tests, chemical additions, and pool operations.
Orders pool supplies and assists in delivery of items such as chlorine and carbon dioxide cylinders.
Replaces bulbs, incandescent, florescent tubes, and plug-type fuses.
Loads, unloads, and moves equipment, furniture, and supplies.
Removes graffiti.
Dusts, sweeps, cleans, and scrubs gymnasiums, halls, offices, and other rooms and building areas.
May operate a water softener.
May fire and service a low-pressure boiler.
Performs related duties as assigned.
Equipment, chemicals, and tests used to maintain proper chlorination, pH control, temperature, and purity of swimming pool water
Proper and safe use of cleaning materials such as soaps, detergents, ammonia, disinfectants, and multi-purpose cleaning agents or chemicals
Cleaning, sterilization, and sanitation methods and techniques used in pool maintenance and custodial work
Safety and health practices relating to swimming pool operation and maintenance and custodial work
Basic recordkeeping techniques
Basic operations of computer and office equipment


Make various tests of swimming pool water in order to keep it in balance
Operate and adjust pool equipment on the basis of water tests and the use of the pool
Maintain pool chlorine content, pH, temperature, and purity at the proper level
Detect need for necessary maintenance of pool equipment
Maintain the pool area and assigned building and grounds area in a clean, sanitary, and safe condition
Safely use swimming pool maintenance and custodial equipment
Safely use chemical and cleaning agents used in swimming pool maintenance and custodial work
Safely lift and move heavy supplies, equipment, and furniture
Read, understand, and follow written and oral directions
Maintain log of water tests, chemical additions, and pool operations
Work effectively and harmoniously with college students, faculty, staff, and community members
Learn general computer applications.
A Pool Operations Technician makes tests of swimming pool water, operates pool equipment, and performs a variety of custodial work to keep a campus swimming pool facility in a sanitary and orderly condition.

A Swimming Pool Supervisor supervises and coordinates the day-to-day operation of a swimming pool including arranging swimming pool schedules and overseeing swimming activities.

A Custodian performs a wide variety of custodial duties to keep assigned areas of buildings and paved areas in a clean, safe, sanitary, and orderly condition.


General supervision is received from a swimming pool supervisor or higher-level custodial staff. No supervision is exercised.

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