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Stock Control Assistant
Performs manual and clerical storekeeping duties in connection with the ordering, receiving, inspecting, storing, issuing and shipping supplies, goods, materials, textbooks and equipment; and may be responsible for a small supply operation.


Graduation from high school or its equivalent.


Two years of full-time, paid experience in receiving, inspecting, storing, or issuing supplies and equipment.


Ability to lift and move items weighing up to 50 pounds.


A valid Class "C" Driver's License may be required for some positions. Travel throughout the District may be required for some positions.
Proper methods of handling, storing, wrapping, packing, and delivering various types of items, including fragile and perishable goods
Proper use of material-handling equipment
Clerical procedures required in supply operations
Safety practices used in store keeping operations
Proper methods for lifting and moving heavy objects
Recordkeeping procedures
Capabilities of computer equipment, systems, and software used in storekeeping operations

Operating material-handling equipment

Perform with accuracy and safety clerical and manual operations required in supply operations
Exercise proper judgment in loading, operating, and unloading material-handling equipment
Keep accurate and legible records pertaining to the receipt, storage, and issuance of supplies and equipment
Effectively utilize computer equipment in the performance of duties
Lift and move heavy supplies and equipment safely
Make simple arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately
Work effectively and cooperatively with vendors, faculty, and District staff
Learn specialized software applications
Performs manual and clerical duties involved in storekeeping operation. Takes periodical inventories and keeps inventory records of supplies and equipment.
Receives and inspects delivered items for breakage, damage, or deterioration and for completeness and accuracy against purchase orders.
Orders supplies to replenish stock.
Contacts staff, shippers, and/or vendors regarding errors and discrepancies in the delivery, timeliness of delivery, damaged goods, and other problems concerning the receipt and condition of goods.
Utilizes computerized systems in order to record, update, maintain, and check the status of purchase orders and inventory.
Maintains records of overages, shortages, back orders, and damaged and inspected items.
Stores stock items in a proper and efficient manner.
Fills orders against requisitions or invoices.
Checks and packs orders for shipment.
Packages orders for return shipment to publishers and other vendors.
Maintains storage facilities and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.
Maintains equipment, goods, and supplies in compliance with safety and insurance regulations.
Operates material-handling equipment in transporting supplies.
Delivers goods and supplies to various offices and departments.
May affix inventory tags on newly acquired equipment and maintain records on such equipment.
May sign delivery slips and other acknowledgements of goods received.
May assist in arranging for disposal of surplus equipment.
May use bar code scanners to take inventory cycle counts.
May participate in all bookstore activities during peak work load periods and in the absence of assigned staff.
May mark or ticket textbooks, merchandise, supplies, and related items with predetermined prices.
May be responsible for a small supply operation.
May stock shelves and maintain displays in a bookstore.
May assist customers in locating and selecting merchandise.
May compute selling price for books
May answer telephones and take messages.
Performs related duties as assigned.
A Stock Control Assistant performs manual and clerical store keeping duties and may be responsible for a small supply operation.

A Stock Control Supervisor supervises and participates in the performance of manual and clerical storekeeping duties in connection with a central storekeeping operation.

A Stock Control Aide assists in the performance of manual and limited clerical duties in connection with a store keeping or supply operation.


Immediate supervision is received from a classified supervisor. Work direction may be provided to Stock Control Aides and student employees.

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