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Maintenance Assistant
Performs semiskilled and unskilled manual tasks related to the maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds, equipment, and appliances. Work assignments may be in any of the building trades.


One year of full-time paid experience involving the maintenance and/or repair of buildings, equipment, appliances, or grounds using hand or small power tools.

Experience with the Los Angeles Community College District as a Custodian, Gardener or Groundskeeper will be considered qualifying provided that experience with hand or small power tools can be documented.


A valid Class "C" Driver's License may be required for some positions. Travel throughout the District may be required for some positions.
Appointment to a position responsible for pool maintenance requires a valid Swimming Pool Service Technician certificate issued by Los Angeles County Department of Public Health that must be obtained within six months of employment.


Some positions may involve working with asbestos and/or lead and will require an incumbent to participate in an asbestos and/or lead medical screening examination in compliance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Sections 1529 and 1532.1.

  • Practices, processes, and materials used in building, maintenance, and construction

  • Proper use of common hand and power tools

  • Proper methods for lifting and moving heavy objects

  • Safety practices common to building, maintenance, and construction

  • Safety requirements for handling toxic or hazardous materials

  • Using hand and power tools common to the building trades

  • Perform semi-skilled tasks involved in assisting a journey-level worker in the various trades

  • Safely operate tools and machines common to the building trades

  • Perform sustained heavy labor

  • Work cooperatively with others

  • Understand and follow written and oral instructions

  • Work in more than one trade area, as directed

  • Learn various testing methods of swimming pool water and operation of swimming pool equipment

  • Learn general and specialized software applications

Assists journey-level workers in a variety of crafts to install, repair, maintain, and otherwise care for buildings, fixtures, equipment, and grounds by performing one or more of the following duties:
  • Makes minor repairs to and installs equipment or small appliances in buildings.

  • Safely operates common hand and machine tools in installation, maintenance, repair, and refinishing work.

  • Disassembles and assembles, cleans and sands, and otherwise prepares equipment, fixtures, or appliances for repair, overhaul and/or refinishing.

  • Performs heavy labor and semiskilled manual tasks involved in helping journey-level workers in a variety of crafts.

  • Performs recurring tasks such as carrying, moving, and delivering supplies and equipment.

  • Performs routine and preventive maintenance.

  • May test campus swimming pool water and operate pool equipment.

  • May prepare surfaces for painting or refinishing.

  • May operate power equipment such as trucks, lifts, skip loaders, pneumatic tools, saws, drills, sanders, and other items.

  • Performs related duties as assigned.

A Maintenance Assistant performs heavy labor and semiskilled manual tasks involved in assisting journey-level workers in a variety of crafts related to the maintenance and/or repair of buildings, equipment, appliances, or grounds.

A journey-level crafts person in one of the building trades performs skilled work in a trade specialty such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, heating and air conditioning, and painting.

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